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The Original Series Universe
The Reboot Universe

1.  A Brief Encounter  (Complete)
What if Spock and Uhura had attempted a romance?  Takes place after TOS
episode Amok Time.  
1.  So Pleasing a Thing  (Complete)
Spock and Nyota meet at the academy, but the course of true love does not run
smooth for instructor and cadet.

2.  Between Logic and Longing  (WIP)
The second story in the Brief Encounter trilogy. At the end of the Enterprise's
five-year mission, Spock, never fully over Uhura, is taken to task by Uhura's closest friend.
2.  Full Circle (Complete)
Selkek finds love with Nyota's best friend; but fickle Jenusia has her doubts.
And just when things can't get any worse, Gaila does just that.

3.  The Fundamental Things Apply  (WIP)
The final story. As time goes by, or in this case, as several years go by.
After V-Ger, a glimmer of hope may return for Spock, that is, if Uhura can remember.
3.  Heart's Guardian (WIP)
The third story in the So Pleasing a Thing Trilogy. Spock ends his romance
with Nyota., but Spock Prime has other plans.

Other Trek Stories
The More things Change
A companion Piece to Candace's An Illogical Woman Saga
T'Prings Diary
{More soon... or not}
 The Illogical Female Mind
A companion piece to the A Brief Encounter Trilogy

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